Golden Gate Chapter Falcon Club of America

Founded in May 2001, the Golden Gate Chapter of the Falcon Club of America 
seeks to bring together owners of Ford's Falcon automobiles in the greater 
San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Our aim is not only preservation of these fun cars, but to get them out of 
the garage and drive them as often as is reasonable.

Become a Member!

Thinking about joining us? We are a very casual club, we don't care if you have a trailer queen or a rust bucket!  The Best part of owning a Falcon is driving it!  If you aren't sure you want to join, we invite you to drop by a meeting or a show (check the calendar for the the next one). Either way, we want to meet you and see your Falcon!
The Falcon Club of America requires that anyone who joins a regional chapter must also join the National Chapter. For the annual dues, you'll receive a variety of member benefits. A monthly newsletter with great articles, schedules of events, classified advertisements, and a host of other features will be delivered to your door each month.
The Golden Gate Chapter is affiliated with Falcon Club of America, Inc. (FCA), which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the Falcon automobile built by the Ford Motor Company from 1960-1970. Yearly dues to the Falcon Club of America are $30.00, payable to FCA, P.O. Box 113, Jacksonville, AR 72078-0113. Yearly dues to join (and renew membership) to the Golden Gate Chapter is $20.00, payable to: Golden Gate Chapter, 837 Main Street Redwood City CA 94063. The GGFCA website is published with information from its subscribers. All copy for the website should be sent to the Web Master (Jeffrey Popjoy) The Golden Gate Chapter and/or the FCA are not responsible for errors. Corrections will be made if requested.